” Have you ordered this awesome book?”

                              ” Have you watched her video?

“Are you going to the next summit ?”


        These are the conversations that we make on daily basis.  This is an era of information. We always have an easy access to the information that we need. But why then, most of us all not able to  take full advantage of all the mind blowing ideas that are available to us? We have access to so much of information  but very little of it actually gets registered in our brains.  The ideas that seem so awesome fail to go beyond our auditory levels.

 What stops us from learning new things?


We fear change        


           How many times do we turn down an idea just because it does not fit in our current way of thinking and being? There are some ideas that do not go beyond our auditory levels. If someone gives us an idea about health, family, business or adventure, we start thinking  that it will never work . We turn down our listening and absolutely reject that idea  without trying it even once. The ideas that challenge and disrupt our ways of thinking  are hard to accept because that would mean CHANGE. We will have to change if we execute that idea. Change is what scares us. We don’t want to leave our safe zones.  It is the fear of change that prevents  us to accept a new idea to even register in our brain.

We are not present


               Another reason for the low acceptance level of ideas is our low level of presence. We live in a world of distractions. We take up courses, read books, watch videos and talk to people but we are not present there hundred percent. The ideas that we listen to are great but we are not focused enough to get hold of the ideas and hence derive any value from them.

We are intellectually closed         


           If we are intellectually closed, we don’t accept the new ideas. I have worked with people who say that they have read so many books and watched so many videos and they know it all. It is good to read books and watch videos if we are doing something different the next day. What is the point in listening to an idea without bringing it to a level of execution? I work with people who are successful but some of them have closed their minds. They have been successful following certain methods and practices that they would never want to give up. They fall in love with their ways of thinking and ways of being. This is a dangerous position to be in. You stop growing after a certain level.

We hate to fail

            Another reason that keeps us from learning is the fear of failure.  We don’t try an idea because we are dead scared by the thought ,” What if I fail?”  We worry about what others think of us if we fail. Fail as often as you need to  be where you are destined to reach. So whenever you are haunted by this question suggest yourself “What if I fly!”


          While it is true that one doesn’t have to agree to every idea, but one  must be certainly be open to the new ideas. One should always work with a beginner’s mind.  Have ferocious hunger to learn more and to get better. The true value of an idea lies in its flawless execution.