Do you ever notice that the success in academics has very little to do with success in career?
I have found that the correlation between success in career and success in life is also very low.
If you agree that the skills and tools required to lead a life which is not only successful but also happy and fulfilling are not being given by our education then this blog is for you.

Happy Step Forward to take you in the path of sucess

As long as I remember, I was personally very interested in what makes people lead a happy and successful life. I would read many philosophy books on this topic and observe people around me. I have come to some interesting findings that I would love to share with you.

  • There are some people who are smart and successful (Career Bright) and people who are smart and happy (Happy Bright).
  • They both appear same in many ways but Career Bright is quite different from Happy Bright in his way of being, thinking and acting.
  • Career Bright has high intelligent quotient whereas Happy Bright has high happiness quotient.
  • Career Bright moves from one career goal to the next without really enjoying his wins along the way and even when he gets “there”, he has already moved his goal post. He is caught in a vicious cycle. Happy Bright not only enjoys working on his goals but also celebrates the smallest of wins.

Be career Bright or Happy Bright

  • Career Bright takes life very seriously and he is always worried about maintaining his smartness and success. Happy Bright knows the truth of it all and is not afraid to risk it and take a further leap. He is not judgmental on himself and others so it does not even occur to him if he is being judged by others.

  • Career Bright looks for approval of his bosses, competitors and peers and everyone around him. Happy Bright doesn’t seek approvals.

  • Career Bright enjoys great career and Happy Bright enjoys great life.

Our education produces career bright people but it is another art to be happy bright and live a successful, fulfilling and cheerful life.

career makes you no happy

It is an art that can definitely be learnt. My program Happy Step Forward is one to one coaching platform. In this, I help you find the missing piece of puzzle which blocks you from leading a fun-filled, happy and successful life. If you are open to accept the new and smart ways of working and are ready for this whole new wonderful experience that rewires your brain then schedule an appointment with me here. You can also send me a personal message here or an email here.

Life is one time experience and you don’t want to live it half heatedly. You want to give it your best, live it, love it and enjoy it fully.¬† Of course you can, like all the happy and bright people who are doing awesome in their lives. ¬†Each day is precious and so is each minute and each moment. You certainly don’t want to miss this awesome sauce. Schedule your appointment here. You can also send me a personal message here or an email here to know the details.