It is strange and a little hard to believe that in my early years I felt that I had done something wrong.  I felt responsible for everything happening to me or around me. In short, I felt unlucky, unworthy and victimized. Not only this, I also carried a huge sense of guilt inside me.

Be careful with what you project

guilty one

 I don’t know if you can relate to me on this but the feeling of guilt without any reason was so strong in me that it was projecting out from me into the world because of which I was ridiculed and victimized many times. And all this happened in spite of the fact that I was hardworking, sincere and devoted to my work.

Sometimes just two sentences can change your life

Two sentences that changed my life were not told to me by anyone but I read them in a book when I hit the rock bottom of my life.  And they were

 “You are loved, no matter what!”

“You have done nothing wrong ever. You are not to seek forgiveness from others.”

Things change outside when you change them inside

 Reading these two sentences lifted up loads of guilt that I was carrying. They empowered me when I was at my lowest. There was no looking back after that. It was after reading these lines in Ramtha- The Black Book, I realized that things will change outside when I change them inside of me.


You don’t have to see the whole path

 I knew that the path that I was going to follow was not clear ahead of me but staying stuck in current situation would not lead me anywhere. I knew that all I have to do is to take one step at a time and have deep faith within me. It was not easy but much better than where I was earlier. At that time I had not read any self help book and knew nothing about “one step at a time” or “the power of faith ” or “inner guidance” type of thing. I had not even read any kind of self help book at that time.  This was my first hand experience of taking a leap of faith in the unknown. I had moved through from where I thought there was no exit and I was prepared to face any kind of consequences for this action. 

 You are not your current situation

Now I can say with full conviction that two lines or even two words can change your life. Your current situation is not what defines you. You can change it in an instance. Getting stuck or staying stuck can never be the only option.  There are always hundreds of possibilities. 

Breakthrough and not breakdown

The bonus of breaking through your current static situation is not only that it prevents your breakdown at mental, physical and emotional levels but also that you come out more empowered, empathetic, strong and confident. You are reborn and transformed.

Staying static is not the way of life

transformation1But now I know the exact procedure to get out from where you are stuck. The problem with most of us is that we don’t even realize that they are stuck up in a problem. It becomes our way of life. We hesitate to seek help because we put ourselves last in the list of priorities.

Working on your self is liberating


 I can assure you that working on yourself instead of working on the problems that you are facing can be liberating because it changes the very stuff that you are made of –your thoughts.  It transforms not only you but also your circumstances, your life and the way people look at you.

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