• Do you multitask often to the point that you forget one of the tasks?
  • Do you find yourself in a constant hurry or urgency to complete tasks?
  • Do you almost always feel that you are running short of time?
  • While doing a task do you constantly think of the next one without really putting your heart and mind to the current one?
  • Do you often have too many things in mind at the same time?
  • Do you want things to happen without having to wait for them?
  • Do you often feel that you are running out of time so you move too quickly?
  • Do you feel, think and act with much swiftness even when it is not necessary?

If answer to these questions is in positive then you could be suffering from Hurry Sickness.

Hurry sickness is defined as a behavior pattern characterized by continual rushing and anxiousness, an overwhelming and continual sense of urgency.  Not only this condition causes serious stress related problems but most of all, it sabotages happiness.

Antidotes to Hurry sickness

S-L-O-W  D-O-W-N

It is hard to slow down when you have million things in your mind.

  • Count your breaths. It is okay to count till hundred. When breathing slows down, mind mirrors it.
  • Count in reverse. Hundred is a good number to start with.

Practice walking, eating, driving, drinking and working slowly.


  • Pay attention to thoughts without judging them for instance “no right” or “wrong” way of thinking.
  • Stay in present for as often and as long as possible for instance focus on holding the cup, smelling tea, taking a sip, enjoying the taste and enjoying the moment.
  • Smell the fresh breeze and hold the feeling for as long as you can.
  • Practice right when you get up and also during routine activities.

Prioritize   Prioritize   Prioritize

  • Prioritization is a crucial skill that helps one to manage the pressured time. It gives order to the chaos, reduces stress and creates space and calmness.
  • Do what matters and when it matters.
  • Say “NO” when you must.
  • Stop multitasking by all means, Our mind works best with one task in hand at a time.

Who am I

Sometimes we work very hard without really getting anywhere. We move in circles. I am Ila Parmar, a life coach. My motto is” If your work is not working for you then stop working on your work and start working on yourself.” I help people to move forward in life by removing the mental and emotional block. If you relate to this, you can like my business page Happy Step Forward. If you need further help on this you can contact me and leave a message. You can also contact me here on facebook profile.