Life isn’t easy for a working mom especially when she has no tools and strategies to prevent burnout. Eight years back, overworking took a toll on my health. Burnout crept on me so slowly that I didn’t realize when it led to low energy, cynicism, and emotional exhaustion. I knew that me-time was important but I had no time that I could use to disconnect from the world.  Suffering from anxiety and hurry sickness, I found it hard to sit back and breathe until I figured out how to carve out much needed time to relax, reflect and recharge. If you are a time starved person who thinks that happy-me-time is a luxury that only a few lucky ones can enjoy, just like me you may also be slowly heading for a burnout and other health and well-being related issues. With some effort I have been able to carve out some happy-me-time even amidst the hectic days.

World will not crash without you!

Disconnect. It could be five minutes of gratitude writing or twenty minutes of energizing exercise. It could be two hours of long meditation or three day long retreat. It could also be a three week long vacation. The idea is to plan when and how to disconnect from the world. I’ve learnt to make it a part of my To Do list. I switch off the mobile and give myself the permission to relax and make a deep connection with myself. It is the time to feed and nurture my soul. Breathe is often a part of my To Do list so that I remember to do conscious breathing.

Mid day happy dance

Our energy starts to deplete by mid day. I have learnt to replenish it by taking a walk around my office premises. Sunshine and fresh air rejuvenates our body and soul. If you work from home, plan an afternoon nap. Go out on a solo lunch. Some people have an afternoon meditation routine. Some love to dance to the beat of their favorite music.

Nurture your soul

No amount of sleep can relax when our soul is tired. Oversleeping drugs us.  There is no match to the quiet early morning moments to recharge and replenish our soul. This is my favorite time of the day and I love to use the holy hour to exercise, meditate and journal.

Spend money to buy time

I have quit being a superhuman. Cleaning, cooking, laundering and dozens of chores need to be done every day and take too much time. I happily accept any kind of help from my loved ones and extended family. I am at peace since I have invested in a help at my home, a mentor and an assistant.

Turn waiting time into me time

I have started to carry a book and a journal where ever I go. Instead of getting frustrated over having to wait for someone, I read a few pages of my book. We can also utilize waiting time for gratitude writing or planning our week. You can listen to your favorite soulful music if you drive to your workplace. When I use public transport, I mentally chant or do some mental affirmations.

Ila Parmar is a happiness and wellness coach. She helps people struggling with overwhelm, anxiety and low energy to achieve peace and zen like balance.

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