My journey was inwards. I was happier and content than most people I know. I surprised myself when I took up this journey six months back which was opposite to the direction I was previously moving in. I was moving outwards now. Was I changing my track? When did it become a journey to look outside of me? Was it really outside of me or was it emanating from the centre of my being? Was I doing it on purpose? Or was it just happening to me? Was I moving away from myself? If I was then why was I happy doing my work?

         Recently, I participated in a MOVEMENT challenge hosted by Guisella Pinto Caballero that gave me the answers to these questions. In fact, she asked the right questions and the answers came from within me.

What does movement mean to you? Do you believe that there are more ways to move than physical?


   Movement means flow. Movement propels energy, helps us to grow and empowers us. I am doing this challenge because I am looking for new and fresh ideas. You can move physically, emotionally and spiritually. And each of the movement releases tremendous energy and refreshes and invigorates you. The movement which is from outside to inside of our being is the spiritual movement. This expands us vertically. The movement from inside of our being to outside helps us to expand horizontally. Too much movement of mind causes restlessness. However, one should be actively passive in spiritual pursuits and passively active in worldly pursuits. This means balancing the movement of mind and body.

What does spirituality mean to you? Is it important in your life? If so, why? How does it help you move in life?


For me, spirituality means connection with my inner self. When I am connected with my inner self, I connect with the universe and everyone around me. So the movement of consciousness from outside of me to inside of me is what constitutes spirituality to me. From within I get the power, strength, clarity and guidance to move forward in life.

What role do your emotions play in your life? Do your emotions rule your life? Do they help or hinder you to move in life?

When I was in my twenties, I was totally driven by my feelings. Happiness, enthusiasm, sadness and despair played major role in my life. But over the years, I learnt that it is not the feelings but intuition that should guide your life. I have not reached there hundred percent but I try not to let my feelings guide me. I try to seek guidance from my intuition by connecting more with my inner self so that I know where my path lies. The senses, reason, emotions and feelings cannot be trusted always because they are external to us and can be deluded by mind. Feelings do help us or hinder us but they should not be given so much importance. How I get past my feelings and emotions is also very interesting. I try to feel each emotion very closely and fully and try not to escape from it. After some time I see that it is not there. It vanishes! It happens with hurt, anger, jealousy, sadness, resentment and all what you want to get rid of.

How do your thoughts influence you day? Are you aware that your thoughts form a part of how you move throughout your day?

When do your thoughts effect you?


My thoughts effect me.

  • When I have not done my morning and evening rituals.
  • When I don’t journal enough.
  • When I am less aware of them.
  • When I am disconnect with myself.
  • When I over think and over analyze.
  • When I do less of physical activity.
  • If I don’t resolve my issues before sleeping. They trouble me the next day.

Which physical movement in your life really gets your juices flowing and helps you to move with ease and grace in life?

My day starts with a series of energization exercises as suggested by my revered guru Parmahansa Yogananda. In the day time it is walking and climbing stairs . A brisk evening walk is keeps my juices flowing.

                       Well, these questions are from Guisella Pinto Caballero and the answers are mine. But if you want more clarity in your life, ask these questions to yourself and the answers may surprise you as they did to me!

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