Has it ever happened to you  that you  have a great  idea in your mind and are super excited about it for two days and suddenly start shrinking on the third day? Do you start feeling that you are too small for the idea? Do you start remembering the nasty grin on the faces of those who would love to see you fail. Do you feel incapable of taking action because you are paralyzed by the fear  of failure. Do you like to stay in the cocoon of your comfort zone where thinking about new ideas and working on them is a distant dream?

             If your answer is yes to these questions then know that you are stuck up and  have enclosed yourselves in a box.

           Getting stuck up hinders the growth of our souls. Everything in the universe is expanding and we must expand our consciousness and grow our souls  continuously because if we don’t grow, we start to shrink and kill our creativity. When we shrink we lower our vibration and attract  circumstances as per lowered  vibration.

        Remaining stuck up in the same situation  for a longer period of time is the worst thing that we can do to ourselves. When you have tried enough and still can’t find possibilities,  try to detach yourself from the situation. Detach yourself from the fact that you are stuck up and also detach yourself from the world around you for a while. Know that you are  stronger and much more tough than the problem. Do your best to move on, take required action steps and divorce the outcome.  This will suddenly release a lot of tension. The gates will  open and  you will know the right  solution.

Raise your vibration and change your world

           We attract the circumstances on the same frequency on which our thoughts vibrate. So the simplest way to change your circumstance is to work on a high and happy vibe.


       Some ways that have helped me to raise my vibration are

  • Practice gratitude. It always helps to be thankful for what we have rather than complaining for what we don’t have.
  • Hang out with positive people.
  • Listen to good music. Music brings happy vibes instantaneously.
  • Exercise/ walk/run/ play in open air.
  • For those who find meditation difficult can use guided meditations.
  • Gardening invariably raises our vibration.
  • Connect with nature as often as you can.
  • Read inspiring literature.
  • Stay away from people who drain your energy.
  • Eat balanced diet. What we absorb from food is pure vibration. Be careful of what you give to your body.
  • Keep your space clean. Mess sucks energy and lowers the vibration.

       If you resonate with the blog and need further help, contact me or message me  for the details. My program Happy Step Forward is designed to help you raise your vibrations so that you can move forward fully in your power.

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