“Resolutions are not for a person like me!!” I would say out aloud to myself. Thought of writing down the resolutions for New Year would bring back memories of my childhood journal in which I would carefully write down the resolutions each year but always failed to follow them. If you are a person who has given up on making resolutions because they remain unresolved each year, then this blog will be helpful to you. Just like you, I would make resolutions each year and would even follow them up for a month or two but then I would give up on them. I would ridicule and beat myself up for not sticking to them and  was almost sure that resolutions are not for a person like me until few years back when I started to work on myself  and my belief system. Now, not only I make resolutions each year, I follow them up and check my progress each month and each week.

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Believe that you can

 My belief that I can’t follow what is for my highest good, kept me away from my goals. It could be that your parents, friends or the people you spend time with don’t believe in you but you have to believe in yourself. Believe that you can and you will.

Get crystal clear about WHY

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Once we are clear on how these resolutions are going to be helpful to achieve what we truly want or to perform at the epic level that we wish to, there is more possibility that we stick to them. When we write down resolutions for the year, we should also be specific about WHY we are choosing to follow them.

Replenish your will power

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We all are basically sincere and stick to what we decide. To a certain extent we all follow it until our will power starts to get depleted. We need to be aware that will power is a resource that is capable of depletion.  We need to replenish our will power from time to time.

Find your company of genius

“You are average of six people you spend time with.”                 -Robin Sharma. 


Spend time with the people who have tremendous positive energy, the people who inspire you. Take time to dine with or to drink coffee with people whose values and belief system you would like to adopt. In no time you will have some stardust sprinkled on you.

Be gentle on yourself

There will be some days when you are unable to stick to your resolutions. Don’t ridicule yourself like I did earlier. Be gentle and kind towards yourself however DON’T JUSTIFY your actions. Motivate yourself and read your resolutions and big WHY again and again.


Don’t be deluded by your mind


It is interesting to notice how our mind justifies our laziness, inaction or misdirection. Train your mind like you train your body. It must think what you tell it to think. When in doubt, read your resolutions and get back on the track.

Be mindful of the choices that you make

rewire your mind

Everything that we do, eat, read, listen or indulge in should be in alignment with our bigger purpose in life. If we let our lives loose, we can be misdirected.  Every time we make a choice, we are rewiring our brains to do the same next time. This means that we need to be really careful about every choice that we make because we are going to repeat the sequence until we have a strong will power to do it otherwise.

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