Even the worst situations can have something positive about them if we look hard enough. It might be difficult, but forcing ourselves to focus on the good things will help us see hard times in a new light. All these good things are reminders of all we have going for us and remind us that we have options and choices for what we want to do.

Control the controllable

Focusing on what a person can control produces a feeling of liberation. A person can choose to be positive or negative, to be a creator or complainer, to take responsibility or avoid responsibility. She can choose to build on what she has- her strengths and assets or moan about what she doesn’t have. She can choose willful intelligence rather than willful ignorance. She can choose to find solutions or sulk. There is no point in wasting energy in attempt to control what is beyond control.

Accept the situation and not fight it

Accept the tough situation and understand that it is not here to stay. Circumstances are going to get better. Tough times don’t last forever. Try to morph a door when there is a wall. Look beyond the challenges to seek the solution.

Take time to do little things when challenged by sickness

Sickness breaks our rhythm and slows down our momentum. It is a great time to do simple things. Write letters, paint, reorganize closet or read a book. We often take simple tasks for granted. Their simplicity can seem too easy for us when we are in the midst of a busy life but when we are sick, they might just be at just the right pace for us.

Practice gratitude

Even if nothing is working in your favor, there is always something to be thankful for. Pay attention to what is working rather than what is not. When everything seems to have fallen apart, we can practice gratitude and use this energy to focus on the options that we still have.

Look within

When nothing seems to work outside, it is time to look within. Spend more time with your own self. Meditate and journal. There might be much more that is unseen. Try to work it out on the inside, it sure will work outside. The universal law states so within, so without. Everything is a mirror. We cannot change the reflection, but we can change the original (ourselves), and then, automatically, the reflection changes.

Ila Parmar is a happiness and wellness coach. She helps people struggling with overwhelm, anxiety and low energy to achieve peace and zen like balance.

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