I disliked obstacles in my way. It is true that no one likes to face the obstacles. But to me even a small problem would appear to be of the size of a mountain. They made me lose my temper and balance. They frustrated and overwhelmed me. I was so much in love with my ordinary routine that even a small twist or turn in it would cause bouts of anxiety in me.

obstacles in life

Growing awareness

Each day I feared and wished that no problem would arise and hoped for an ordinary obstacle free day. This went on each day until eight years back when I decided to drop my fear regarding the undesired problems. Once I was clear on how my thinking was keeping me small and limited, I took my next step and next step and step after that.

Make it visually smaller

When I visualised an obstacle, It would appear very big. I tried to reduce it to the size of a dot in my mind.  This mental exercise helped me a great deal. I still follow this practice and it never fails to work.

Obstacles are opportunities

obstacles are oppurtunities

 I decided to rename the obstacles and call them opportunities. I started to welcome opportunities aka obstacles. Each day I would get up and prepare myself for mini twists in otherwise normal day and smile at them.

Accept obstacles

 When I became comfortable in solving small problems, my obstacles grew bigger in size. It was as if I had cleared my preliminary tests and was given the tests which would promote me to the next level. I learnt to accept them as a part of life.

Get curious

I was doing the kind of tasks I was not comfortable and accustomed  with . At times this was stressful and tiring. But my curiousness to obstacles was not over yet. I could now see the person I was becoming and what I would have missed if I rejected my chance to grow.

Project confidence not fear

hit the arrow

I also realized that I was projecting my inner fear to face the obstacles out to the world. I knew that I was not giving out the right kind of energy to the world. My own experiment to face what comes in  my way boosted my self confidence and projected the same to the world.  I could feel it in other’s eyes.

Get ready for bigger lessons

I didn’t know it back then, but when my awareness grew, I could connect the dots back. I was not only facing the obstacles with confidence but I was preparing myself for a life where I could impact millions of people.

show power

         If you are bored of living the same ordinary, comfortable and sedentary life and want to live the life of your dreams where anything can be possible, you need to take bigger risks and face whatever comes on your way. You will be surprised how beautifully life unfolds in front of you.

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