Each time I was smashed down by circumstances beyond my control, I knew that it was a gentle nudge given to me by the universe. Universe has a strange way of reminding us of our power. What is even stranger is that we become aware of our potential at the time when we are at our lowest. Each time I would collect all my strength to get back on my feet again. Whenever I fell down, I was stronger than before. Whenever I was crushed inwards, I emerged back with power that I never knew that I even possessed. I learnt all my important lessons not when I was at my best but when I was at my lowest. With every cell of my body and with every thought of my being I can say that it is not when you are on top of a mountain cliff that the magic happens. It happens in dim despairs. It happens in the darkest of places. It happens when nobody is on your side. It happens when you hit the rock bottom. The treasure of strength is not on the heights of fame but in the unknown depths of solitude.The quest for this treasure leads us to leave the safety and comfort of the known and dive deep into the ocean of unknown.

The empowerment happens in the strange places and risky places.

-Learn to take risks.

-Live a life on a full throttle.

-Be ready to be knocked down hard.

-It is okay to fall down because that is how you are carved. That is how you become a masterpiece.

-It doesn’t happen sitting there in the warm comforts. It starts happening the moment you decide to leave the safe shores of known .

-The magnet of heart is the most powerful tool. Learning to use it is an art.

-Learn to use your heart against the logic and calculations of the brain. Develop intellect and intuitive mind.

-Learn to Know , believe and feel .

If you are scared to be knocked down, just remember that every time you were knocked down as a child , how stronger you emerge back. You have fallen down in the past.

That is how you became “you”; If falling down has crippled you and scared you to move further , take a Happy Step Forward with me.

Happy Step Forward equips you with a rock solid confidence, It teaches the strategies and tools to live the life of your dreams.

It rewires your mind and helps to get you the mindset for success.It helps you face the fears and to rise back after falling down.

It tells you how to truly love yourself and embrace your own “youness”;.

It helps you to stay motivated over a long haul.