Ear deafening beats of heavy metal music woke me up in the middle of a night.  I looked out of the window by the side of my bed and saw a huge bon fire and some boys dancing around it.  “What’s wrong with these boys?”I thought about meeting with a client which was scheduled in the wee hour next day.  After an hour of tossing and turning in a futile attempt to go back to sleep, I was almost sure to get up feeling grumpy and spoil my entire day.

                 “No”, I thought collecting back all my power and will, “I’m not going to lose my day for something that is beyond my control!” I must do something to make it better. I am not too comfortable with earplugs and  It was not the kind of music I normally enjoy but I decided to give it a try to enjoy it.  After ten minutes of listening to its beat, I began to enjoy it. I was surprised at myself.  I don’t remember when I fell back asleep. Not only I did excellent in the meeting but I also saved my precious day!

                          No occurrence has any absolute reality. Everyone who observes it will call it something different. It also depends on how we choose to respond. We see the world not as it is but as we are. No event is intrinsically good or bad, it is eyes through which we see makes it one or the other.

                                      I decided to experiment with finding the good in every experience. Even if an event seems to be a threat or a problem, I decided to adopt a vision through it could empower me.

Ila Parmar is a happiness and wellness coach. She helps people struggling with overwhelm, anxiety and low energy to achieve peace and zen like balance.

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