I am an introvert and I love to look at stars at night. I love to see how stars change positions. In this space and time, everything in the universe is in movement. The sun, the earth, moon, stars ……. all the heavenly bodies are moving in a rhythm. Even the smallest of particle like electron are in a constant rhythmic motion. Our internal organs are in movement. Lungs expand and contract. Heart continues to beat. Blood continues to flow in our veins. We toss and turn. And all this happens while we are asleep. When we are awake our movement is even more on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels.

Step Forward

        It is so important for us to understand that we are not heaps of masses. We are energy beings. Each of us can feel this energy which is always in a state of movement.  When we eat food, it is the energy within that food that is taken in by us.  Energy needs movement. If we stop the flow of this energy, we fall sick emotionally or physically. Have you seen the flow of this energy in children?  They cry when they need to cry. They laugh without feeling awkward. They jump, dance, play and express the movement of this energy so beautifully.


          When we grow up, we knowingly or unknowingly learn to hide and suppress our feelings. We stop our tears when we wish to cry out loud.  We don’t speak when and what we need to. We want to rest at home but move to work because we are conditioned to do so.  We sit on the couch and are glued to TV when we want to go outside for a jog.  Our bodies have a rhythm. Sometimes we are out of rhythm with our bodies. Our movement is not in sync with our body and mind.

             But the truth is that we can’t scream when we want to. We cannot behave insane even when we feel things are going crazy. What can we do then? How can we transmute this energy? When we start to understand and feel the life energy around us, we start to become more aware of it. As soon as there is movement of emotion inside of us, we can look at the movement and just be a spectator to it. It subsides after some time.  But if there is pain, hurt or resentment in the past which appears in front of us in one form or another then we have to know the origin of that pain. We need to dig deep. The process is not very joyful because we come face to face with guilt or shame and we would rather want to keep it buried within us.  But that is an obstacle to the flow of life energy. This blocked energy appears in the form of a repetitive patterns, physical ailment, limited mindset or lack of insight.  We move forward with ease and grace when we allow this energy to flow.

There are two ways to be in sync with this Energy

First, Move with it .

Flow like the leaf floats in the river.

Second, be a spectator to it.

Like a rock besides the river.

First method involves active participation and no resistance to life energy . This is mostly followed by children.

Second method involves no participation and no resistance. It is normally practiced by saints and monks.

 Energy follows a path of least resistance Whichever area of our life is causing  resistance to the flow of life force energy is the area that we struggle most with.

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  1. More awareness about the repetitive patterns of struggles on physical, emotional, mental or spiritual level.
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  3. More ease and flow.
  4. More comfort.

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