One wrong belief that causes stress, worry, anxiety and sabotage our success is

“I am moving too slow in my success journey”

When we look at how people around us are moving, feelings of unworthiness and self doubt engulf us. Trying to compete with others in chasing our goal takes a toll on us physically, mentally and emotionally. Comparison robs our happiness. Accept that

“I am exactly where I need to be in my success journey.”

It is true that success loves speed and action. But most of all, it loves peace of mind, happiness and well being. A peaceful and happy person makes much better choices and wise decisions than a stressed, worried and overwhelmed   person. We certainly wouldn’t want be on epitome of our success while suffering from stress and lifestyle related diseases. It certainly doesn’t mean that we don’t step out of our comfort zone and lead a mediocre life.

I love to live my life on full throttle. It was a promise that I made to myself when my health was at its lowest. I learnt much early in my life that if wished to gear up my speed then I needed to work on my focus, discipline, happiness levels, passion and energy. Managing energy gives much better results than managing time because when I try to manage time, I seem to have less of it. On the contrary, when I try to manage energy I become more aware of my energy leaks and I enhance my capacity to work and boost my performance.

Each day brings with it finite amount of energy. So it is our prime duty to use this energy on what matters to us the most.  I am lucky to have it realized this much early in my life.

You can steal my super effective strategies that I use to increase my happiness level and sense of well being. I will be sharing these in bite size portions over a couple of weeks in my coming blogs.

So, stay tuned in here because in my coming blogs I will reveal some of the happiness hacks that have helped me and still continues to raise my capacity to experience and feel joy within and without.

My research on happiness is twenty years long affair. I was always curious about what makes people happy and how the same thing that made them extremely joyful at one time was the main cause of their numerous miseries later on. I observed people closely and the beliefs they had that sabotaged their happiness. I was able to overcome my old beliefs about life as I perceive it the way I did few years ago. As of now, my happiness levels soar and I can do the same for you too.

Are you ready for your happy journey with me?

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