How many times had I pushed my happiness away because deep within I thought that I can’t have it all!
How many times had I self sabotaged my desires and dreams because I thought I did not deserve it !
How many times had I deflected the blessings and goodness on my way because I thought I was not lucky enough to handle so much!
I wanted to prove to myself that I was not lucky, and deserving enough. I just didn’t have it in me!!
And I hopelessly did! Over years so!

But then a huge shift jolted and shook my belief system hard enough to shatter it into crumbles.

Some of you know what I am talking because you have done this too at one level or the other!

Here is when we sabotage our happiness and joy

-When we refuse to seek help we need !

-When we think that we know it all and are closed to new ideas and opportunities.

-When we feel overwhelmed by unfamiliar.

-When we complain more and appreciate less.

-When we compare our lives and journey with     those of others.

-When doing anything new is a big chore.

-When we work out of compulsion and not out of joy.

  • When we feel that opportunities, blessings, help must come only in a certain way.

-When we don’t give ourselves enough love and respect.

-When we play victim to people and circumstances around is.

  • When we feel left behind in one way or the other.

Attract more joy and love!!
Attract more abundance!!
Attract more peace!!
Attract more opportunities!
Attract more blessings!!

I am offering six laser coaching sessions to women who are ready to shake off their old beliefs and turn around more blessings and joy on their way!!

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Ila Parmar is a Happiness coach. She helps people struggling with stress, anxiety overwhelm, disturbed sleep, low energy to achieve happiness, peace and balance in life.

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