I am Ila Parmar, the creator of Happy Step Forward.  I have learned through experience how to take control of my life when things are falling apart, how to rise back after falling, how to make best of each day and how to move ahead steadily without losing balance. I have learned how to be real and authentic and how to stand by my values.  

Like you all , I have faced failures, I have had my struggles and my own share of setbacks. But my quest to learning was never over. I learned from where all I could. I have worked with several coaches, attended workshops,  read books, met interesting people, spent time with children, went on adventure trips, meditated for hours together and spent a lot of time alone to dive deep within myself just to contemplate what life was all about . My years of learning and experience are what finally materialized into  my course  Happy Step Forward. 

          Happy Step Forward is about a balanced  approach to  life that makes it possible for  spirituality and success to work together . This makes  you feel more blessed, more successful and more fulfilled in life.

             Life is not about chasing your dreams blindly and ignoring all other important details like health, relationships, fun and adventure .

                     “Journey to success is as important as the success itself.

               It is the failures and trials,  falling and setback  that make you who you become after your journey.

            May God bless you on the path of your journey to success!