You are an entrepreneur/working man/woman. Most of your time is spent on your work, family, T.V. and sleep and some outings. You earn well or not so well. The passion with which you started your business or job has flown away out of the window. Life is tasteless. You turn towards social media or more television because it makes you forget your boring life for a while. But this is temporary. The problems surface back. If you are a little advanced, you seek solace in listening to religious gurus, who tell you what the scriptures tell you and motivate you to follow a particular path. And sometimes you start to follow that too halfheartedly.

If this resonates with you then you continue reading my blog because I am going to tell a secret which most success coaches will tell you after putting a dent in your wallet. Well, last year, one of my clients quit her job and started to work on what drove her. Painting was her childhood passion. It connected her with her inner self. It was her way of expressing herself out to the world. She had kept her hobby away because of lack of time and other excuses. She is 45 now.

When else was she going to start doing something that nurtures her mind and connects her to soul?

What do you think she was waiting for?

What do you think you are waiting for?

When do you plan to live your life on a full throttle?

Are you doing the same things over and over and call it a life?

What do you wake up to?

How good are your relationships?

How do you feel most part of the day?

How long have you stayed in the same place?

How long are doing the similar things each day?

How well do you adjust to change?

How would you measure your feeling of well-being on a scale of 1 to 10?

Are you fulfilled in life ?

Do you look forward to the next day, next hour and next moment with excitement and curiosity?

How alive and joyful do you feel each day?

As you ponder over questions, you think where is the million dollar secret? Well, let me tell you that the secret worth millions of dollars is AWARENESS. Once we are aware of our patterns, half the work is done. The other half is to change the patterns. Now you think is it even possible?? To this, my answer is YES, definitely it is. I am living it. And working on it every day to 2X my happiness, well-being and joy each year.

My program Happy Step Forward is for you if you are

-Tired of not feeling good enough.

-You are planning to start a Business / work / lifestyle of some kind but sick of defeating yourself before you start.

-You are losing your peace while struggling to find a perfect balance between your work and home.

-You are overwhelmed and ready to shift your life.

– You are convinced that nothing works for you so why bother trying.

-You want to enjoy your life and work

-You are ready to have a big impact on your life and you are not going to play small.

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Well, my client is ready for her second exhibition with her best collection of paintings. Her paintings and her painting classes are fetching a lot more money than her previous job. She, like her latest paintings radiate happiness, fulfillment and joy.